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Hello im Ah Phing . love to eating, sleeping , playing , outdoors .
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It's been awhile .
Friday, April 4, 2014 | 4:04 AM | 0 panda
It's been awhile. 
A while ? 
Since the last blog was on in the year of 2012, 
time flies, 
today, 04/04/2014, 
here I started to blog 

I don't know what was the reason I blog again,
however, it could make me feel more comfortable when I am having
some ..... 

Looking back the old post, 
felt I am kinda childish in those days.
those days ....
when I am young,
everything was showed on my face expression.
No doubt , right?

Sometimes, the caring you gave, doesn't every people 
likes it nor appreciate it. 
Ended up, it just got one words,

Could not describe my feeling,
frustration ?

Whatever feeling was, 
the person don't know. 

You are no time for me, 
what I worried for, you don't know.
What i wanna discuss with you, 
you don't know too. 

So, I guess I'll just go cope with the operation , Myself ... 

It's kinda funny here, 
I am feeling like a newbie here, 
like a freshie, totally forgotten how to generate template code anymore ..

Give me some time, 
I am a fast learner. 

Where are you ?

Low self-esteem
Saturday, August 18, 2012 | 11:09 AM | 0 panda
It has been a long long time that I have not updated my blog since
i started my collage life here. 

hmm.. things went up and down, down and up. 
at first, i forgot to circle my answer with pen, still stuck in childhood time, by using pencil, 
OH ! hopefully wont be any trouble there. 
2nd, due to too much panic or nervous, my brain went blank when choosing formula.
after passed my paper, brain on worked out, 
SHIT ! lost 12 marks. hopefully will pass ! ;(

late in the night, and obviously , i am insomnia  ;(
hopefully things goes well on my final exam. 

hmm.. sem break now. 
nothing to do. 
what a such boring sem break. 
gathering here gathering there,
but feeling lazy to attend,

when the time i saw you today, felt like i am unworthy of. 
i do not deserve ?
Sigh * 
i felt so "Low self-esteem" when the time you are there. 

In a nutshell , Low self-esteem. 
that's what I am trying to post on here.

goodnight ?
or should be Goodmorning ?
duhhhh * whatever . 

Where I've been ?
Tuesday, April 3, 2012 | 4:16 AM | 0 panda
Duuuhhhhh !
I am busy busy busy busy busy after get my result, 
go here go there, play here play there too! 
after this post, i wonder when will be my next coming new post? 
1month later? 3months later? or no more any post? 
duhhhh, whatever .

what am i doing recently?
hmmm.. well, i already forgotten what i wanna to update on here 

woots ! I've been waiting for him from 4pm until he came out to the stage, 
WOW ! MY JJ ! sooooo sooooo handsome and cute !
but compare for the previous 2 years u came penang  , i felt u become more 
thinner already , why so thinn?
lack of sleep ? tired? hmm.... 
wait for your next album then, see you next year dear JJ ! =D
both of my albums waiting for your signature wait until full of spider webs already,
Both are Taiwan version , not malaysia version ! Muahahahah !
168 ! wad a good number ! XD
I got a LOVE sign at there ! AHHHHHHH ~ 
im flying in daa skyyyyyy ~
next aim , JJ's book ! AHHHHHHH !

hmm.. actually in  March , happened a lot of sad stuffs. 
what kind of stuff? Duhh, banyak sangat . 
Sigh * any way, just smile  ;)) 

Lot of my friends edi started their studies , 
yet, same for me too, 
23th of April  ;(
this is not the ideal school i wanted. 
but im more excited for the 3 months in UK ! =D
and yet, still a long journey to go, 
time please run faster . 

Hope everything will be okay , and everything still remains the same, 
like now, the moment right now , after i leave penang nor u leave . 
Confidence confidence confidence , i called you to got confidence on your own, 
but on the another way, i din got any confidence too. 
even though I believe , but where's come the Confidence ? 

When a guy is away from his girl, all he wants is her Trust, 
but on the girl's part, all I need is his Loyalty . 

Wednesday, February 29, 2012 | 9:39 AM | 0 panda




不要问我好不好 不要用问好不好

才让我的痛没人看到   ;)

Outing ;))
Sunday, February 26, 2012 | 7:42 AM | 0 panda
A busy day today ,
haahahahaha !

buy this buy that , 
do this do that , 
and met some of my friends  ;)0

Uuuhhh ! 
the new syllabus of secondary school really changed a lot, 
headache while buying books, the first time going to ask peoples 
at there should buy which language =.=
brainless government ! 
just a few books , over hundred , hahahahah !
i know you're speechless when heard that i can spend over hundred at Popular 

Change my nail colour today ! 
muahahaha , 
due to our movie is at 4.45pm , so just called them brush my nail and just colour it up
a simple colour  ;((
cant do any pattern again , 
nvm , wait me, 4 weeks after ! 
i wan that bear bear on my nails !  XD

my previous colour was this :
  think so ? hhha, some kind colour like this . 

but now, my new nails cloth was this :
Teeeheee ! i love my new colour so muchhhhh ! 

Mr & Ms Gamble, a nice and funny movie .
And yet , i'm having a great day with him tooo   ;))

Greedy .
Friday, February 24, 2012 | 9:55 AM | 0 panda
Hard to describe my feeling right now. 

I wan it , yes , honestly i really need it 
although i know you're tired .
if din sky for a day maybe i will felt sad, 
but it's more pain when just having in for just 10 minutes in time and then
lose it again.

10 minutes really really is not enough for me. 

I know i am selfish   ;(

Call me selfish ,
Call me greedy , 
But , IMY  ...     ;((

Two step closer ;))
Wednesday, February 22, 2012 | 2:51 AM | 0 panda
Everyone beside me is in a relationship now !
HAHAHAHA, happy for them also happy for myself too .
Wishing everyone got a happily relationship with his/her beloved. 

Two step closer for this month with you and me.
Although that day got your friend there, but still happy for me  ;))
Happy Two-sary  XD !  

Today is 22th of february , 
Ohhhno ! one more month then is 22th of march !
result result result  ;((
i can't imagine what if i get a sucks result? *sigh*
Am sure going to crazy . ;(( 

How terrific that i changed my bloggie songs into all Chinese songs !

Teeeheee ! ;)
Tuesday, February 14, 2012 | 7:33 AM | 0 panda
Both of us almost gave a same same gift ! XD 
It's kind a romantic for that way  ;))

Love today very muchh , 
seems like both of us went for a day Penang trip ,
HAH ! 
I love Chicago Rib House ! im fall in love with this restaurant , 
do visit the restaurant if u got any chances went there ,
the food is totally nice , 
and those drinks ! OMFG ! HAHAH !
all alcoholics ! hahaha, for those kids or dont like for have alcohol ,
kinda not suite , cause even those food also got alcohol , 
too bad, need to drive today , cant have any alcohol  ;(
although i got permission from him  ;((  
safety first ! =X

Likes his wearing today ! 

Agree with this quote : 

Each pain makes you more strong, each betrayal more intelligent, 
every disappointment more skillful and each experience more wise .  ;)

Happy Valentine's Day ! ;)
Monday, February 13, 2012 | 9:55 AM | 0 panda
what a big big big surprise when he called me to online ;)
Happy Valentine's Day for everyone no matter single or double ;))
and Happy Valentine's Day for you too , my beloved   

Hope you will like the gift that i prepared , 
box fold by my own , 
ribbon tie by my own , 
and the most.. the thing inside also made by my own ! 
hope you will like it . 

Truely Madly Deeply Gone for you .
| 3:05 AM | 0 panda

Pretty sad when i saw you did it like that.

Understood ? 

Fine, let's say for happy memories ;))

woottss ! meet my dear beloved best best best ever friend , 
apple  ;))

How times flies , we knew each other for almost going to 4 years , 
and we always talking when saw each other , even in class or far away ,
hahahha , 
so woke up in the early morning , while wait for her arrived ,  having a
cup of mocha latte in coffee bean , and then...
nothing to do , so planned for have a movie  ;))
The Weeding Diary ,
a meaningful movie   ;))

after saw her message , faster paid up my lunch and rush for apple !
we talk along for the whole day,
we play along for the whole day ,
and we shop along for the whole day ! 
i can't imagine that we are playing with camera for snapping ourself  ,
besides, some more keep laughing on the bed ,  XD

till the late night , meet up with another friend that we have din meet with
each other for a long time , i guess so? 
hahahha !

hmm.. that's all for yesterday  ;))
a happy memories , ;))
hope we will always be a best best friend forever, 
no matter where were we , 
Friends forever ! 


JJ imported from Taiwan is in the House !!
Wednesday, January 25, 2012 | 7:10 AM | 0 panda
what a damn exciting day for me . 
firstly, its the day to get my idol imported from Taiwan from 
a friend which is from Kuala Lumpur !
WOW !!!!

OMG ! 
IM happy until don know what can i said XD

Show off time !  XD

 Before unpack from the JJ go green bag ! XD

 OMG ! how go green isit? all made from cardboard , but
its nice and creative !
DO you know this is ?!!! PMGGGG !!!
that's is a booklet that quite thick and all full of his pictures when he is in the Europe ! Thats JJ 欧洲时刻写真版!  OMGGGGGGGG !!!

That's all what is inside JJ go green bag !

How happy ! 

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